Kids Piano Lite – learn to play songs for children from music sheets on many intruments

Kids Piano is an amazing app for children who want to start their adventure with playing the piano. You can play your own music on the piano or songs from 5 available boards with colorful notes (20 in full version), thanks to which your children will easily learn how to play popular nursery/preschool songs. “Musician” is a mode by which the piano plays the songs itself, no matter which key was tapped so you don’t have to be afraid of “crazy music” composed by your child 😉 There are 2 instruments available to play (5 in fill version), everybody will find theirs favorite.

List of the songs:

  • The wheels on the bus
  • A hunting we will go
  • The itsy-bitsy spider
  • Old Mc Donald had a farm
  • Alphabet song

Instruments to choose:

  • piano
  • guitar