Did You Know Dragon Ball Edition

If you are a Dragon Ball fan – this app is perfect for you! You fill find here many interesting facts from all Dragon Ball series, for example did you know that Piccolo is actually only four years older than Gohan. Namekians grow and age much faster than Humans or Saiyans, seeing as how Piccolo was already nearly full-grown by the age of 3. Or did youn know that Vegeta almost always addresses Goku by his Saiyan birth name, „Kakarot”, but has on rare occasions addressed him as „Goku”. Vegeta says the name „Goku” only eight times. You’ll find out much more from this app so don’t wait, just get it!


  • interesting facts from all Dragon Ball series and movies (70 in free version, more than 120 in full version)
  • send each fact by email, text message, post to Facebook or Twitter
  • add facts to editable Favorites list
  • search facts by keywords