Games Collector for Final Fantasy

Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Do you play and collect Final Fantasy games? Do you need to track all the games you own / want / finished / are playing now? This application is for you!

This app contains all Final Fantasy games, which you can view as an ordered list, personalize it by marking them as Owned, Wanted, Now Playing and Finished Playing, or rate them using 5 star rating. Every game tagged as Owned appears in your personal Shelf so you always know which games are already in your collection. You can sort games list by genre or console type and view stats of your collection. When new game titles are released, an update will be made to the app as soon as possible.


  • list of all Final Fantasy games with small status icons (owned/wanted, now playing/finished playing)
  • section index on the right to facilitate browsing the list
  • basic information for each game – cover, console type, genre, release date, in app link to Final Fantasy Wiki for more info (you don’t need to quit the app to view the Wiki website),
  • tag each game as Owned / Wanted, or Now Playing / Finished Playing
  • rate each game on a 5 star scale
  • sort games by console type or genre
  • see stats of your collection – how many games you own, want, play, finished playing
  • owned games appear in ‘My shelf’ list
  • wanted games appear in ‘Wanted’ list
  • retina display support (for iPhone) – graphics in high resolution